PCBOS Meeting Recap

At Monday’s Patrick County Board of Supervisors meeting two residents spoke in opposition to the proposed additions to the Public Service Authority water lines along American Legion Road and Martin Farm Road in Patrick Springs. Board Chairman Ricky Fulcher assured them that the proposal has only been suggested and no discussion or planning has taken place. Supervisor Karl Weiss of the Blue Ridge District sat before the board as a citizen to discuss information regarding the hospital and health care grants he believed was being withheld from the board by the Economic Development Authority. Board Liaison Jane Fulkapologized to Mr. Weiss for not getting the information to him sooner.

Dr. David Martin, interim PC schools Superintendent, updated the board on the search for a new superintendent, the upcoming surplus sale, student enrollment and three grants totaling $22,700 that were awarded to aid in updating cafeteria equipment.

EDA Director Bryce Simmons then presented a resolution requesting the board appoint a Financial and Operational Advisory Commission made up of citizens with banking, insurance, engineering, or other financial or operational backgrounds to advise the board on project planning and budget preparation. All five supervisors were opposed to the resolution and viewed it as an attempt by the EDA to subvert the board’s authority over county operations.

Public hearings will be held at the Board’s November 18th meeting for the amending of ordinances concerning cell towers and manufactured homes. The cell tower hearing is at 6:30 and the manufactured home hearing at 6:45.