PC Population Projected to Shrink

The rural-urban divide in Virginia is expected to grow in the next two decades. Based on data from the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia Henry County, Martinsville and Patrick County will have nearly 20,000 fewer residents by the year 2040. The UVA data predicts the Patrick County population will decline by about 17.4%. Patrick County Board of Supervisors Rickie Fulcher says ppportunities for growth are becoming more and more limited in our rural area of Virginia adding that Patrick County is working to develop and expand existing broadband opportunities plus funding has been secured to begin the four-lane construction of U.S. Hwy 58 up the mountain toward Vesta and Meadows of Dan, which will improve the ability to move goods and provide services for the area and open-up a modern route of safe transportation. Virginia’s overall population is projected to increase by about 1.9 million by 2040 with 70% of the state’s residents living in Northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads.